CFTC Leaders Jump Ship: Time for Some Real Change

DSC_2006Once again there are a handful of open positions at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). First Jill Sommers, then Gary Gensler and now Bart Chilton are leaving. This agency’s mandate is to regulate commodity futures and options markets in the United States. Unfortunately, it is being run by people who have never traded commodities, run a clearinghouse for commodities or sat on an exchange board.

There is something inherently wrong with this thought process. It would be like me sitting on the medical practices board. Although I am sure that all the people on the CFTC have IRAs and other brokerage accounts, that doesn’t make them experts, just like having health issues doesn’t put me in a position to regulate doctors.

What does this mean when people with so little trading experience run an agency? Simply a replay of the past. Clearinghouses and financial services firms such as Refco, MGF and PFG have collapsed as a result of faulty oversight by the very agency pledged to oversee them. It will happen again.

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MF Global – My email to the CFTC

This blog was originally set to post on 10/31/12,  due to Hurricane Sandy and the issues that we faced on Long Island, New York, it was delayed.

The following was an email I sent to Bart Chilton on the eve of the MF global Collapse. The actions that were not taken by the CFTC and the CME added undue risk into the markets –  many traders and introducing brokers never recovered from being locked out . While John Corzine is a free man, and the board members of the CME and commissioners of the CFTC point fingers and have conflicting stories, they are still in positions of power.  The real question is ’What lies ahead for investors?’ The markets with cleared swaps are only getting more complicated to regulate and the speed in which events happen will only get faster.  We have seen over and over that the regulators are still behind on understanding the futures markets. Continue reading